Thursday, February 25, 2010

Death From the Skies! The Exhibition!

When my brother and I were just wee lads, our folks bought a telescope. On clear nights we would go out into the yard and gaze through the telescope and out into the universe. We had a simple star chart and would search the skies looking for planets and constellations, zooming in on the moon. I would pour over my copy of National Geographic’s Our Universe and my imagination ran wild.

When I started to like reading again after college, I picked up lots of popular science
books, mostly physics stuff. Light reading. Recently, with my discovery of the Bad Astronomy blog, I learned all about the wonderful world of Phil Plait. And in Phil Plait’s world, everything is like a beautiful photograph from the Hubble space telescope of a gorgeous, distant supernova… that is about to kill everything on Earth with a gamma ray burst. That’s just how Phil rolls. And that’s why I enjoy his writing so much.

Gamma Ray Bursts is performed by Es Muss Sein Quartet

So when his book, Death From the Skies! came out, I was really excited. My wife and I read the book and really enjoyed it. And this sentence really struck her: “The Earth sits in a cosmic shooting gallery, and the Universe has us dead in its crosshairs.” Since the book is filled with scenarios about the destruction of our world and the Universe, she thought it would make a great topic for an art exhibition. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she was right. That Spring we met Phil Plait at a lecture at the Hayden Planetarium and we told him of our idea. He was very nice and very supportive during the development of our exhibition, which was last October.

So finally, I’m putting up installation pictures (and one MP3) of all the artwork from the show. Much thanks to all the artists who participated and to ABC No Rio for hosting.
And don't forget to check out each artist's link below the slide show.


[Note: If the pictures in the slideshow are falling off of the left side of the box, just refresh. There appears to be something wrong with Picasa]

Links to artist websites
HC Noel - Asteriod Impact
Jacob Hashimoto - Solar Flares & CME's
William Stamos - Supernova
Es Muss Sein Quartet - Gamma Ray Bursts
Mike Estabrook - Black Hole
B-Cat & C-Town - Alien Attack!
Kevin Pyle - The Death of the Sun
Kelly Savage - Galaxies Collide
Brian George - The End of Everything

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  1. You know what? I'm a bit ashamed to say this, but even though I've known you as long as I have, I had no idea you were such a great writer. I knew the mind was sharp, but wow. :)